DROP EVERYTHING: Rebecca Black’s producer has a song about Thanksgiving

I was in the middle of writing my Lincoln review when I saw this video, and I immediately dropped everything to write up a Friday Free For All post around it. It’s that good. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” producer at Ark Music Factory in LA has a new protegé, by the name of Nicole Westbrook. Now, I’m one of those people who makes no apologies for loving “Friday” unironically. It’s catchy! If you don’t think “Friday” is a better song than “Tik Tok” or “Moves Like Jagger” you are a legitimate moron with cow pies for ears. Anyway, Ark’s Patrice Wilson is back, with a song about Thanksgiving, performed by Nicole Westbrook, and it is nothing short of a goddamned masterpiece. Patrice Wilson is this guy, by the way:

Just a black dude in a turkey costume singing songs to a bunch of rich white kids while they eat, nothing weird about that. If the black guy wasn’t the producer I’d swear this was the most racist thing ever. “Hey, you know what’d be cool? If I showed up to some white kids’ house dressed like a turkey and ate all their ribs.”

And you’ll be glad to know that the man who once wrote “yesterday is Thursday, today it is Friday, tomorrow it is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards” has NOT LOST his magic with the word:

  • December was Chistmas. January was New Year’s. April was Easter. And the 4th of July, but NOW IT’S THANKSGIVING!
  • With the turkey AY! Mashed potatoes AY!
  • Can’t be hateful/gotta be grateful/mashed potatoes on my table…
  • I got ribs/smellin up my neighbor’s cribs


My favorite moment of the video is when this kid shows up to Nicole Westbrook’s house, and he’s all like, “Yo, what up, girl, I brought you some food or whateva, wanna get durrrty?”

And then Nicole Westbrook is all, “Nah, sorry, playa, I got a man. He’s 35 and he knows how to work a grill.”

But in all seriousness, I love this. You know why? Silly and fake and weird as it is, it’s a lot nicer to see a bunch of kids looking all awkward and being excited to eat mashed potatoes than it is to see them carefully styled and bragging about their goddamned ‘swag.’ Ark Music Factory for life.

Man, is anyone else suddenly really hungry for ribs?

[hat tip: Jezebel]