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12.17.07 74 Comments

This is the intro for Repo! The Genetic Opera!  Lest you think it looks cool, remember that the director also directed Saw 2-4*.  It’s also a Horror movie. Musical.  Starring Paris Hilton.  With not one but two, count them, two! Exclamation points in the title.  Exclamation points are hot these days – I wonder if you can use them in baby names.  I’d love it if my first three children were named Lisa! Larry! and Bob!.  And a few years later, the accident, Steve?

In any case, I’m pretty sure I’d rather get a colonoscopy with a red-hot poker dipped in habanero salsa than see this.  Granted, I’ve never seen a Paris Hilton movie, but I tend to assume someone who answers the phone while giving a blow job isn’t the best actress. 

*They’re making a fifth one, btw.  People who’ve seen multiple Saw movies are now on my list

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