RIP, Pervert Dave. (Florida Friday)

UPDATE: Read Pervert Dave’s Incredible Extended Obituary

It has been a while since we’ve brought a truly touching edition of Florida Friday into your lives, so I thought that maybe we could take a moment today to honor a great man, Air Force veteran, and friend so beloved to those whose lives he was a part of that they nicknamed him “Pervert Dave.” David W. Cummings passed away on April 13 at the age of 65, and his legacy will forever be cemented in this amazing obituary that his brothers and sisters in good, old Citrus County had published for him in Wednesday’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times.

Was the person responsible for this obituary laughing hysterically as he wrote that Pervert Dave was “an avid wood worker”? I’d like to think so. And you know what? I bet Pervert Dave would have thought so, too. Rest in peace, Pervert Dave. May the heavens be your own personal porn stash. And all jokes aside, mad respect to the entire Cummings family for asking for donations to be made in Dave’s name to the ASPCA in lieu of flowers.