Rita Wilson frolics about the lawn with her imaginary child

Scott Wampler over at the Examiner just sent over this trailer for the uuuuhmazing Forgotten Classic, Invisible Child.  It stars Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, displaying the brilliant judgment she’d later hone as the producer of two Nia Vardalos movies and a TV spinoff, in a TV movie about a mother with an invisible child named Maggie.  Shot in 1999, it was apparently resurrected and screened for sh*tty movie lovers at the Alamo Drafthouse last year, and may screen there again soon (I’m told there was a trailer for it, but it’s not listed on their website).

In the film, Wilson plays Annie Beeman, a mother with two real children and one imaginary one, who’s apparently so fragile that everyone in her life plays along with her delusion.  As for the best scene, for me it’s a toss up between the aerial shot of Wilson frolicking about her lawn with the invisible child like a dog, and the part where the new nanny tries to trick Wilson into thinking the invisible kid is standing right next to her.  And Rita Wilson is all like, “Pff, bitch, please, I think I know my invisible daughter when I see her.”  At which point the exasperated nanny nearly breaks down the fourth wall with this face:

The irony is that just 12 years later, Chet Haze would release his first mix tape, and suddenly having an invisible child would sound to Wilson like her first wish from a magical genie.