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07.02.08 53 Comments

The always often accurate Page Six is reporting today that director Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan have split.  Presumably, this means that Rodriguez has fired his penis as casting director, or at least now his penis will be allowed to do a more thorough job. 

McGowan was hoping to star in at least three planned Rodriguez films – a remake of "Barbarella," "Red Sonja" and "Woman in Chains!"
"Too bad ‘Grindhouse’ didn’t gross $100 million. Then, maybe, ‘Barbarella’ would have gotten the green light," said one source. "Instead, the moguls were saying, ‘We need a bigger star, a bigger name.’ " Jessica Alba has been touted as a possible replacement.

Well of course she was.  Any time you need a hot chick to just stand there while you draw some CGI elephants around her and it doesn’t matter how dead-behind-the-eyes she is, Jessica Alba’s name will come up.  Anyway, I hope these remakes still get made.  I plan to show up to the premiere blasting Kansas in my Pontiac Fiero, rocking some giant overalls with graffiti on them.  Haven’t you heard?  Crappy stuff from other decades is so hot right now.   

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