Samuel Jackson Saying Motherf**ker, The Ultimate Supercut

Everyone knows Samuel L. Jackson is great at saying motherf*cker. In 2008 when Sexman reviewed ‘Jumper,’ he was rightly upset that Jackson never said motherf*cker because “he uses that word better than anybody.” That a Canadian teenager knew that six years ago is yet more proof that Sam Jackson is the all-time “motherf*cker” world champion. How it took this long to get a supercut I’ll never know. Hell, we once did a statistical breakdown of all the different ways Samuel Jackson has spelled motherf*cker (151 unique spellings!).

In any case, at long last comes the supercut “Every Time Samuel Jackson Has Said Motherf*cker In Film,” from Ben Craw and Oliver Noble, who previously brought us “All of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Screams” and “Every Bone Steven Seagal Has Broken,” among many others.

Jackson has uttered “motherf*cker” 171 times in 27 different movies, demonstrating more range with this single expletive than most actors display in their entire oeuvre.

“School Daze” (1988): 1 motherf*cker
“Jungle Fever” (1991): 7 motherf*ckers
“Strictly Business” (1991): 1 mother- what
“Menace II Society” (1993): 5 motherf*ckers
“True Romance” (1993): 4 motherf*ckers
“Fresh” (1994): 1 motherf*cker
“Pulp Fiction” (1994): 26 motherf*ckers
“Die Hard: With a Vengeance” (1995): 7 motherf*ckers
“Hard Eight” (1996): 1 motherf*cker
“The Great White Hype” (1996): 2 motherf*ckers
“The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996): 3 motherf*ckers
“Jackie Brown” (1997): 37 motherf*ckers
“The Negotiator” (1998): 2 motherf*ckers
“Rules of Engagement” (2000): 5 motherf*ckers
“Shaft” (2000): 13 motherf*ckers
“Formula 51” (2001): 6 motherf*ckers
“Basic” (2003): 2 motherf*ckers
“In My Country” (2004): 1 you mother- [choke move]
“Freedomland” (2006): 1 motherf*cker, 1 brotherf*cker
“Snakes on a Plane”: 3 motherf*ckers
“Black Snake Moan” (2006): 6 motherf*ckers
“Soul Men” (2008): 24 motherf*ckers (2 bleeped), 2 mother-
“Arena” (2011): 1 motherf*cker
“Meeting Evil” (2012): 1 motherf*cker
“Django Unchained” (2012): 4 motherf*ckers
“Oldboy” (2013): 8 motherf*ckers
“RoboCop” (2014): 1 motherf*cker (bleeped) [HuffPo]

Well that’s more than I’ve used my asterisk key in the entire last month combined. ‘Pulp Fiction’ ‘Jackie Brown’ (oops) leads the Samuel L. Jackson-saying motherf*cker count, which is not surprising, but almost more impressive is his work in ‘True Romance,’ where he managed to squeeze four motherf*ckers into about 90 seconds of screen time. Additional trivia on that scene: when I attended True Romance Fest earlier this summer, I was talking to Paul Bates (“nah, man, it ain’t whiteboy day”) who was talking about shooting that scene. Apparently Samuel Jackson was going on and on about Thai hookers, and Bates wondered if he was in character. Turns out, no, Sam Jackson was just really excited about Thai hookers in the early nineties.