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Fangoria recently got a batch of exclusive pics and an interview with the director of Sasquatch Assault, an exclusive which I’m sure was very competitive.

While Gernhard won’t go so far as to proclaim his to be the best Sasquatch feature ever, he does note, “It is an original idea; a Bigfoot coming into the big city and battling cops and bad guys is great pulp material! There are some unbelievable scenes and memorable characters. I want this to be more than your average Sasquatch movie. Rather than, ‘Did you see the movie with the Bigfoot in the woods,’ I want to hear, ‘Did you see the movie where the Bigfoot crushed that pimp’s head?’

I got arrested for Sasquatch Assault once.  I pled ‘I was drunk’ and eventually got it knocked down to community service.  You ask me, the sasquatch was asking for it with that outfit.

Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip

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