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02.12.10 17 Comments

Writer/directors Poop-smearing monkeys Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, who are to comedy what AIDs is to Africa, yet apparently earn enough to afford $3 million homes, are taking on the indie scene in their next “film”, LA Art Movie.  Haha, stupid art fags, always telling you not to drool on your bib.  We’ll show them with a nonsensical Britney Spears reference.  Anyway, /Film claims to hear rumor the film might actually be a Twilight spoof, and even uncovered a few casting calls, aka ads on Craigslist.

  • AMBER – 18-22, beautiful and sensitive, must have a flair for comedy… LEAD
  • PHILIP – 18-24, darkly attractive, aristocratic adn intense, must have a flair for comedy… LEAD
  • MICHAEL – 18-22, working class, sincere and appealing, must have a flair for comedy… LEAD
  • FRANK – 40-50, Amber’s dad, good looking

I think it helps to imagine they mean “LEAD” as in the metal.  …Wait, did they say “flair for comedy”?!?

You said it, Sassy Ostrich.  Seriously though, I’d rather see my daughter in bukkake stump porn than a Seltzer Freebird movie.

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