Shyamalan: “I would kill myself if I thought like you.”

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M. Night Shyamalan was at a press conference for The Last Airbender in Mexico City recently, where, once again, a reporter dared to raise the subject of Manny’s bad reviews.  Here’s what she said:

“You had a very strong start of your career with The Sixth Sense,” asked a brave reporter in an exchange captured by TwilightFeverVIP. “Your movies have been very personal. However, the audience has lost its faith in your work, with Lady in the Water and many of your more recent productions. Airbender feels like you want to captivate the audiences again by becoming more commercial. Am I right?”

I’m a little torn on the A-holeyness of questions like these.  I realize his bad reviews are kind of the Ganesh in the room at this point, and although I think a good director would be able to address the subject of his own negative reviews, questions that feel like an attack are generally only met with defensiveness, which usually isn’t that enlightening or interesting.  Plus, you never want to validate Manny’s “Critics are meanies!” stance from Lady in the Water, because that movie was terrible.  Anyway, here’s some of his response:

“I think if I thought like you I’d kill myself,” he said.

I briefly considered making the headline for this post “MANNY SAYS HE’D KILL HIMSELF IF HE WAS MEXICAN”, but in the end I took the high road.

“Everything you said is the opposite of my instinct as an artist. The way you just thought, I literally would kill myself. …

“Your impression of my career is not my impression of my career. It’s something you read on Google or something.

“It’s a fascinating thing that you would even characterize my whole career the way you just did, dismissively like that. It’s sad for me to even hear you think like that.”

“For me, after Sixth Sense, I made a better movie.  I made Unbreakable.  Which is, you know, for me, a better movie on all levels.  And then, my favorite movie that I’ve made is “The Village.”

He goes on to say blah blah blah, in Spain they like Lady in the Water [sure, buddy], in France they like The Village, different strokes for different folks and yadda yadda *fart noise*.  I can understand him getting defensive at a prickish question like that, and even though I don’t like Unbreakable, I can respect those who do.  But come on, Manny, you can’t acknowledge that you may have made one non-great movie in your entire career?  At least admit that this kid has stupid hair and a face even Gandhi would want to punch.  You owe us that much after sitting through your 90-minute eyeball torture.

And yes, there was a ponytail back there. The horror.  The horror…

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