Sizzling Scandal: Haters Accuse Channing Tatum Of Not Knowing The YMCA Dance

With Magic Mike on the verge of blowing the gates off the Box Office this Friday, it appears that haters are forming quite the line to the left to tarnish the good name of one Channing Matthew Tatum. We recently mentioned Tatum’s co-workers from his brief career as a male stripper accusing the White House Down star of stealing their life stories for the plot of Magic Mike.

Now video has surfaced via TMZ that accuses Tatum of not being able to handle the simple dance moves required to grind along to the Village People’s “YMCA”.

Hold on tight … new half-naked footage of Channing Tatum has surfaced from his man-stripper past — but it’s not the panty-melting experience you were hoping for … guy completely BOTCHED the easiest choreography ever … the YMCA dance.

The video was shot during the actor’s brief stint as a male stripper in the late 90’s — and clearly … he still had a lot to learn in the ways of Magic Mike.

After the jump you can see this scandalous new video for yourself, and I have to admit, even as a close friend of C-Tates, this does not look good. Thankfully, via C-Tates’ new beta email server G-G-G-GMAIL, I have the actor’s official response to these shocking accusations.

Yo girl, check it… All rise! Court B in order, son. Judge, juror, and sexecutioner C-TATES B IN DA MOUTHA F*CKIN’ HIZZOUSE! Yo on da realz and da 1s and 2s, I ain’t B takin’ dis diss lightly, son, heard? Yo when my moms was kegel pushin n sh*t I was like mad dancin’ out da womb, yo. Doc tried to slap me n I Harlem shuffled him like WHAT! But yo dawg, I heard u likes evidence n yo trials n shit, so here B Xzibit A like BAM, SON!

Yo whats I c, son? I see 3 playboys makin da M while Chief Sucks Deez Nutz is all like, Yo I ain’t no no alphabits. Da defense rests, yo honor. Case is missed.