Smalls From ‘The Sandlot’ Was Arrested For Headbutting A Cop In An Airport

Well it looks like someone has found himself in quite a PICKLE… (*bow tie spins, hat levitates above head*)

Sandlot star Tom Guiry (who played Smalls in the movie) has taken the name “Colossus of Clout” to a new level — law enforcement sources tell TMZ. He was arrested for headbutting a cop … after trying to kick him in the face. [TMZ]

Guiry probably thought he was within his rights to fight back against the airport security officers who were preventing him from getting on the plane because he was “too drunk to fly,” but to quote a wise, bespectacled young man who once sexually assaulted a lifeguard at the local pool after pretending to drown, if he’da been thinkin’, he wouldn’ta thought that.

Whatever comes of this, he still owes society 10-15 years of hard time for that hat. Ain’t no statute of limitations on that one.


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