Something For La Ladies: Red Band Trailer For Joe Manganiello’s Male Stripper Doc ‘La Bare’

Hunky actor Joe Manganiello has decided to make the best of his down time between Magic Mike and Magic Mike XL by testing the waters of becoming a director. Sure, he’s had other work since then, but none of it involved dudes shaking their peckers for money, so we’ll stick with what’s relevant right now. While Magic Mike told us the semi-true story of a man who chose to be a male stripper to make his bigger dreams come true, the documentary La Bare takes us beyond the doors of the Dallas male strip club of the same name, and gives us actual, honest-to-gosh access to real male strippers, their epic bulges and the women who love them enough to actually pay their bills.

But there’s more to the story of La Bare than just screaming women and their flooded panties throwing money in the air. The male stripper game is one of intrigue and even murder, as La Bare la spares no expense in revealing every aspect of the biz.

“They’re up all night for good fun, they’re up all night to make a living.” They are the men of LA BARE. A documentary film that goes behind the curtain, behind the stage and behind the magic of the world’s most popular male strip club – La Bare Dallas. Featuring a unique ensemble of the club’s most popular dancers, LA BARE takes a provocative look into their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and offers a front row seat to their lives, loves, laughs and losses.

Some might say that this trailer is a little NSFW, but when you spend as much time in a banana hammock as I do, there’s really nothing shocking in the red band for La Bare. Still, view accordingly in case your job has a strict NO BULGE policy. (Don’t worry, there’s no exposed dong.)

LA BARE RED BAND TRAILER from Main Street Films on Vimeo.