Sony Is Developing An All-Male ‘Ghostbusters’ With Channing Tatum

This may shock you, but a beloved artifact from your childhood is being reissued and repackaged into not one, but two different reboots, one for the ladies and another for all the beer-guzzling, crotch-scratching, Hungry Man-eating manly men out there. It was just announced that Sony Pictures is “broadening” the Ghostbusters franchise by ditching the broads for a “male-driven action-centric comedy,” presumably starring Kevin Hart. But that’s not all.

The studio is simultaneously forming Ghostcorps, a new production company whose principals include original Ghostbusters architects Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd; they will have offices at Sony with the mission to scare up branding opportunities based on the 1984 comedy classic. (Via)

“Scare up branding opportunities” is the frontrunner for The Most 2015 sentence, followed behind, “Jaden, stop cybering with Left Shark.” Deadline also reports that the Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, are looking to direct and produce Guybusters, while Mission: Impossible 5‘s Drew Pearce would write the words that come between references to Coca-Cola and Miller Lite, a.k.a. the screenplay. It’s hard not to be cynical about a product that only exists to sell Slimer muscle shirts, and as a reaction to idiots worrying “ew, there’s a woman in my Ecto Cooler,” but it’s not all bad: “The hope is for [Channing Tatum, who’s producing] to play one of the Ghostbusters.”

Ivan Reitman was quoted as saying:

“My primary focus will be to build the Ghostbusters into the universe it always promised it might become. The original film is beloved, as is the cast, and we hope to create films we will continue to love.” (Via)

Because the reason people love Ghostbusters is the rich mythology, not the great jokes. Anyway, Sony’s next move is to remake Bridesmaids, except this time it’s Bromaids.

Via Deadline

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