Sopranos Rewatch Podcast: Pod Yourself A Gun 13, The Season Finale, With Laremy Legel

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This week on Pod Yourself A Gun, we’re discussing Sopranos episode 13, “I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano,” the season one finale of the Sopranos and thus the season one finale of Pod Yourself A Gun. In this episode, all of the Sopranos‘ biggest season one storylines come to a head, and many to a resolution. Tony finds out his mother and uncle conspired to try to have him whacked. Carmela realizes Father Phil is a f*ckboi. Dr. Melfi puts her cards on the table and tells Tony what she suspects about his mother. Tony becomes a physical threat to Dr. Melfi. Tony removes a suspected snitch from his crew and comes clean to his remaining guys about seeing a shrink. Livia doubles down on dementia and/or faking dementia.

In our first segment, The Wayback Machine, we even get some background on creator David Chase from a piece in the New York Post released the same day as the episode (April 4th, 1999):

Over lunch, Chase is asked: ‘Where do ‘The Sopranos’ come from within your imagination?’

‘The idea started about 10 years ago,” be begins. ‘I wanted to do a show based on my mother, who was a very negative person.

‘After a while I refined the idea and decided to place her character into a Mafia context. I had read that [former Philly mob boss] Nicky Scarfo’s mother was a ‘stone gangster.’ That clicked.” […]

The other original element Chase has added is the suburban wiseguy, ‘because they hadn’t been done before.”

‘Goodfellas [his favorite Mafia film of all time] did the mob grunts. The Godfather did the elite bosses. I wanted to do middle management, the ordinariness of the daily mob life.” […]