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Pictured: An insane clown posse of one

Most horror movies get remade five or six times even if no one’s heard of them, so it’s surprising that no one had thought of remaking Stephen King’s It before now.  Especially considering it’s kind of a cult classic and only ever came out on TV. WB will handle the remake, with Dave Kajganich (The Invasion) handling the script.

As you might remember, this is the story of a group of kids who take it upon themselves to bring this creepy, shape-shifting creature called Pennywise down, back in ’58. They hurt it, flee, and then decide to bind themselves together in case they ever need to fight It again. In one of the most warped rationales ever, this involves not only blood, but the lone girl of the group having sex with all of her boy pre-teen friends. Years later, the thing, who often takes the shape of the classic creepy clown, starts killing again and the friends reunite for another baddie butt-kicking. [Cinematical]

So, pretty much your classic coming-of-age tale.

Additional tidbit: The band Pennywise is named for the evil clown character.  Once, during an appearance on Loveline, the band’s 6’5″, 300-pound guitarist, Fletcher, got belligerently drunk and locked himself in the room with Dr. Drew while trying to puke on him and mumbling about taking him “to Poo Poo City.”  One of my favorite stories of all time.

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