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Sorry about that headline, Peter Dinklage, I just thought it sounded more lurid to refer to you simply as “dwarf.” Though I realize it’s a little unfair.  I guess it could’ve just as easily been  “Steve Buscemi, Peter Dinklage, & a Jew.” By the way, is Peter Dinklage the only dwarf in Hollywood? And does “Peter Dinklage” sound like a euphemism for erectile dysfunction to anyone else?  And what’s the deal with airline food? Anyway.

This is the trailer for wacky-lookin’ road comedy St. John of Las Vegas.  Steve Buscemi stars as a guy trying to kick his gambling addiction and go straight.  Peter Dinklage plays his new boss at the insurance company who sends him back to Vegas with his head claims investigator, Romany Malco, but not before he gets involved with his eccentric co-worker, Sarah Silverman.   Later he goes on to encounter Emmanuelle Chiriqui, who played E’s girlfriend on Entourage, which is totally plausible, and Danny Trejo, who’s all like, “Mira, putos, I am a beeg Mexican.”  Danny Trejo is always saying that.  If Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez made a baby, it would be so hardcore and Latin that it would jump out of the womb in a ski mask and challenge you to a knife fight.

[via /Film]

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