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Great news, everyone.  Steve Martin has been nominated for six International Bluegrass Music Association Awards for his banjo album, The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo.  Half of which was already released 28 years ago, according to The Globe and Mail:

The album’s subtitle is deceiving – many of the songs are not new, but rerecorded versions of tunes from his 1981 comedy album The Steve Martin Brothers, which featured a complete side of banjo tracks recorded in the seventies. [Ed. – That sounds rip-roaringly funny.  I’m sure people who bought a comedy album weren’t disappointed at all.]

I tell you what.  I’m just fine with this.  In fact, I hope he wins all six IBMA awards.  Keep him focused on this banjo thing so he doesn’t make Pink Panther 3: Pink Pimpin’ it in Da Hood.  Peter Sellers is and always will be Clouseau, and I will fight to the death mild discomfort anyone who says otherwise.

Below is a clip from The Pink Panther followed by a clip from The Jerk (with stranger-in-the-alps-style TV edits).  What the hell happened? He seems to have forgotten the difference between sh-t and shinola.

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~ robopanda [Pink Panther picture source]

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