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01.04.08 34 Comments

Look folks, it’s obvious there’s not a lot going on today, movie news-wise.  I could tell you how much Atonement sucked or try to figure out which cities There Will Be Blood is opening in, but I think I’m just gonna post this picture from Strange Wilderness and call it a day.

After Sasquatch hilariously played drums for Tenacious D and starred in a series of fairly humorous “messin’ with Sasquatch” commercials, he developed a coke addiction, went through a messy divorce and feuded with the IRS.  Culminating in him finally hitting rock bottom and agreeing to do a movie with Steve Zahn (who most people say isn’t even real).  So sad, so sad.

If you’re desperate for some more content, check out the excerpts from Can’t You Get Along With Anyone I posted last week.  They’re a lot more interesting than anything that happened today.

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