The “One man…” supercut is pretty great

We all know about “In a world…” and “this summer…”, but this latest supercut focuses on that OTHER movie trailer cliché, “One man…”

Though I have to admit, it’s hard to make fun of the cliché when the trailers in question seem like they’re for a who’s who of the most badass movies ever made. When you go from “one man…” to Charles Bronson shooting bad guys in the face with a huge phallic revolver… sorry, but I’m sold. God I miss leathery action heroes. If we had more movie stars who lost their virginity at six and started smoking at nine, and fewer vest-wearing, floppy-haired milk babies weaned on Disney Channel child porn, we probably wouldn’t have to hire British guys to play all our superheroes. It’s pathetic. As Independence Day approaches, let’s vow to do better, America. Turn off the Disney Channel. Make the kids go outside and smoke some cigarettes. Say what you will about the health risks, if more kids smoked, they probably wouldn’t be such fat pussies.

I’d totally forgotten that Robin Williams made a Holocaust movie. And the trailer has both “In a world…” AND “one man!” And everyone’s covered in dirt and doing silly accents! Man… how did this not win ALL OF THE OSCARS?