‘Sylvester Stallone’s High Protein Pudding’ Was A Real Product


When someone first sent me this screencap of an ad for “Stallone’s High Protein Pudding,” I assumed it was a Photoshop. That name just sounds like a too on-the-nose sketch. Amazingly, Stallone’s High Protein Pudding was not only a real product, it even caused a lawsuit, and in turn spawned countless “the proof is in the pudding” headlines.

The convoluted story goes something like this: In the salad days, [Inventor William] Brescia hired a marketing executive and food scientist to help develop a bodybuilding pudding.

Then the actor of Rocky fame and a business partner started the nutritional supplement company Instone, and became somehow involved. Trade secret accusations came next. Followed by assertions that the secrets were just common knowledge.

Somewhere in middle of all this a “Sylvester Stallone Pudding” happened. [SCPR]

The last it showed up in the news seems to be 2012, after a $4.9 million verdict for Brescia had been overturned on appeal. At that point the two parties were said to be negotiating a settlement to avoid another trial. The fact that no one has written about the suit since leads me to believe that it has been settled.

More importantly, Stallone even discussed the product in a thoroughly surreal 2005 appearance on Larry King:

KING: OK, now I have in front of me “Stallone High-Protein Pudding,” vanilla creme. Twenty grams of protein, low carbs, sugar- free, 108 calories.

STALLONE: What a misprint. How dare them do that.

KING: One carb. Is this a whole line of products?

STALLONE: You know what? Again, I believe that what nature takes away you’ve got to put back. And regular food is not going to do it, unless you sit there, and you’re raised on a farm, and you have that kind of biotanical grocery store next to you.