Taken 2 trailer promises even more growling and shooting

After the jump, the trailer for Taken 2. Allow me to recap:

“Listen to me very carefully. If it’s money you’re after, I can tell you that I have none. What I do have is–“

“Yeah, yeah, a particular set of skills, you will find me, you will kill me, they will take you, yadda yadda yadda. I get it, Old Man! Let’s skip to the part where we revenge each other!”

Anyway, I’m pretty lukewarm on this one. Once you’ve seen Liam Neeson tape broken bottles to his knuckles and punch wolves to death, the volume sort of gets turned down on everything else.

Opens October 5th, directed by Olivier Megaton, whose name is the fantastic, action-movie director equivalent of a porn name. According to Wikipedia

Olivier Fontana was born in France 20 years to the day after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and his choice of the artistic name, Megaton, was influenced by this.

If Michael Bay is reading this, he’s probably pissed he didn’t think to go by “Sir Peter O’Dynamite.” It adds an air of class, without skimping on the references to explosions and penises.

[“Call Me Taken” via ItMakesNoSense]