Ted Jerks Off In The Latest Poster For ‘Ted 2’

Say what you will about Ted (and try not to say too much, k? It’s a talking bear), the movie worked hard to wrap its legs around a very low bar. While Morgan Freeman will be appearing in the much-anticipated sequel, a recently released poster for Ted 2 shows that the Bear isn’t aiming to climb any higher up its very profitable tree.

Looking at the image, you might for a second imagine that the bear is taking a quiet number one. Au contraire, readers: the poster informs us that Ted is coming (like cumming. Get it!?!?) right before our very eyes. When he is coming? June 26th, of course. When will he leave? Probably by September. Maybe sooner. Let’s not even think of VOD.

It’s hard for comedy sequels to do better than their originals, and MacFarlane’s most recent, A Million Ways to Die in The West, isn’t exactly auspicious. Still, Ted had its fair share of laughs, and the premise worked. A bromance about a man and his best friend bear earned a collective $549 million at the global box office. If The Expendables can have a sequel, why can’t Ted?

According to CinemaBlend, Ted 2 has a trailer to be released this Thursday. Amanda Seyfried will be appearing this time around, joining Freeman, playing a civil rights lawyer, as well as everyone’s hero, Mark Wahlberg. The bear was last witnessed at Sundance, downing craft cocktails while trying to pick up all the honeys (sorry in advance) (save your comments).