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11.10.08 34 Comments

In this video, which recently surfaced online, Terminator Salvation production designer Martin Laing shows off some blurry concept art and describes some of the action sequences.

Christian Bale will battle not one, but ten new Terminator models, including a giant robot called the Harvestor.

The Harvestor “is the big beast that is sent out to find members of the resistance”. “The huge, huge Harvestor sends out Moto Terminators, motorbike type Terminators, that move very very fast and bring the humans back to them,” Laing said.

Of the ten new Terminators, some live in the water, some in the sky, while some travel along the road. [SFFMedia – thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

Everybody’s talking like this guy like he’s some kind of genius, but I don’t see what the big deal is.  I created a ton of concept art for the G.I. Joe movie, back when I was just 10.  Included in my vision were tanks driving straight at each other and going “pew pew!” and Duke hip thrusting atop Sgt. Slaughter. An earlier incarnation saw Joes that could fly, but my cousin said that was cheating.

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