That time Nic Cage was on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook

I’m pretty proud to have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature on my college diploma, but if only I’d gone to junior high in Serbia, I could’ve had Nic Cage’s face on my biology book. Yep, that’s Nic Cage and Holly Hunter from Raising Arizona, appearing here on the cover of a 1998 eighth-grade biology textbook from Serbia. Ironic that they chose a fertile, rose background, when we all know Edwina’s insides were a rocky place where HI’s seed could find no purchase.

Following its recent emergence, the book’s graphic designer told website that the cover was an ‘honest mistake’.
She said that the publication was pulled from print, however several copies were still distributed. [DailyMail]

I’m guessing they just wanted a picture of a happy family, and a 1987 Nic Cage, with his shaggy hair and porn ‘stache and 80s clothes, fit the “average Serbian man in 1998” bill all too well. They probably didn’t realize he wasn’t a father at all, but an ex-con who stole the baby from a furniture magnate. That was probably the opposite of the intended purpose. But Nic Cage still could’ve taught them a thing or two about biology, especially if it involved snake venom or dinosaur skulls, which I assume is like sixty percent of Serbian biology, at least.

-thanks to the Reverend Skeleton for the tip.