The Anchorman 2 Teaser, Non Butt-Cam Version

Senior Editor
05.21.12 11 Comments

Bros! Remember when DP and Dasher were trying to finger cuff Buttsex Lindsay after the DG slave auction, but the whole thing got shut down when Asian Steve hit that waiter with a pint glass and got tazed by the cops because he was still butthoused from tequila sunrise? And we almost lost our charter because we were still on probation from when those Pike homos ratted us out during the pledge retreat goat roast? Well think of how crazy that was and double it, because now Anchorman 2 has a teaser, and this time it’s the legit version, like the Mercedes I got from Stinky’s uncle’s dealership, not the crappy knock-off version we had before, like those counterfeit Macbooks Boner got busted for selling. Well? What are you waiting for? HOUSE THAT SH*T, YOU FAGG*TS, CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! You’re never getting my sig if you keep drinking like a single mother. OPEN YOUR THROAT, PUSSY, THIS AIN’T NURSING SCHOOL! I swear to God I’ll ding your entire pledge class if I have to. We’ve done it before, ask Chode.

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