The Hobbit Still Not Greenlit, Guillermo Del Toro Still Not Bathing

05.28.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Exactly one month ago, Vince reported on the news that Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit had to push its release date back as a result of MGM sh–ting the bed. Then yesterday, MarketSaw broke the “exclusive” news that The Hobbit had finally been greenlit, was slated to begin shooting in November and would also be shot in 3D. But then in homeroom class, some people started saying that MarketSaw was a lying tramp who dresses like a slut. Luckily, to end the dispute, last night AintItCool called up Guillermo del Toro on the kitchen phone and asked him about the rumors.

Q: The story that was reported earlier today that THE HOBBIT has been greenlit and will be shot in 3D, that is false?

Del Toro: On both counts, there are no final answers. It is not greenlit. That is categorical. And 3D has been discussed literally once in the room. The budget and the schedule and everything that we are handling – the cost of the film, the number of days it would take to shoot – is being handled right now without looking towards 3D. Is there a chance it will become 3D in the future? Maybe. Right now, it’s not being planned as such.

So, I guess what this all boils down to is that today’s Hobbit news is the exact same Hobbit news from a month ago. Now I’m not exactly sure how this whole deja vu thing works, but I imagine that if experienced while watching Tony Scott’s film Deja Vu you probably fold in half and your body sucks into your own ass until you implode -or nothing happens and you just sit there asking yourself, “How high am I? Am I really watching Tony Scott’s Deja Vu?”.

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