Honest Trailers Takes On ‘Love Actually’, The Most Inexplicably Beloved Holiday Movie Of All Time

At this stage, I’m thinking I don’t need to rehash my intense hatred for Love Actually. In the interests of not making my eyelid twitch, let’s leave it at I don’t like it. In any case, I was happy to watch the gang from ScreenJunkies bash it for four straight minutes, even if calling Love ActuallyPulp Fiction for girls” seems wildly unfair to both Pulp Fiction and girls. That said, an honest takedown of this inexplicably beloved pile of horseshit would take longer than the actual movie. My breakdown of just the vignette where the British guy goes to America and finds out it’s all a beer commercial alone would take at least half an hour, and would just be me pausing every 10 seconds to scream “WHAT THE F*CK! WHAT THE F*CK!” over and over.

I think Lindy West said it best:

Everything in this movie is f*cking insane. That’s not how press conferences work. That’s not how diplomacy works. That’s not how prime ministers work. NOTHING IS HOW ANYTHING WORKS.

Here, I made this for you: