The Imposter: Most badass documentary trailer of all time?

I love documentaries, and I tend to think anyone who says they don’t is probably an idiot, but even I have to admit that documentaries don’t always cut the most exciting promo material. Maybe that’s why you can rarely just go catch a doc at your local multi-plex, which is a shame. But I have to think all that would change if more of them cut trailers as dramatic as The Imposter. And all it took was a few cranked up sound effects. This thing is like if The Dark Knight and Inception had a BRAAAAAHM baby. See what I mean after the jump.

A gripping thriller straight out of real life, [well, literally out of real life, right? -Ed] THE IMPOSTER is an original film experience that walks the razor’s edge between true-crime documentary and stylish noir mystery. The twisting, turning tale begins with an unsettling disappearance–that of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year-old Texas boy who vanishes without a trace. Three and a half years later, staggering news arrives: the boy has been found, thousands of miles from home in Spain, saying he survived a mind-boggling ordeal of kidnap and torture by shadowy captors. His family is ecstatic to have him back no matter how strange the circumstances–but things become far stranger once he returns to Texas. Though the family accepts him, suspicion surrounds the person who claims to be Nicholas. How could the Barclay’s blonde, blue-eyed son have returned with darker skin and eyes? How could his personality and even accent have changed so profoundly? Why does the family not seem to notice the glaring differences? And if this person who has arrived in Texas isn’t the Barclay’s missing child… who on earth is he? [Apple]

Hmmm, I don’t want to infer too much here, but to answer your question, I think that perhaps the boy might be… an imposter?

INEXPLICABLY CUT FROM THE SYNOPSIS: Im-post-ah, me no say daddy me snow me I’ll go plaaay-oh — he make you boom boom doooown…

Opens July 13th.