The Indiana Jones Mail Story: The Incredibly Thrilling, Mind-Blowing Conclusion

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12.18.12 7 Comments

Last week, Vinnie brought us the mysterious story of a package that arrived at the University of Chicago admissions department, addressed to one Henry Walton Jones, Jr., or Indiana Jones as you and I jocks have taken to calling him. Of this strange piece of mail, our brave leader opined that the best explanation for it was simply viral marketing, which led to a number of commenters agreeing that this was something right out of the University of Chicago’s, um, book.

Of course, the rest of us quietly hoped that this was something bigger and better. Maybe it was the beginning of a new chapter of Indiana Jones, one that would make up for Shia LeBeouf swinging on vines through a jungle with a bunch of monkeys or the idea that hiding in a fridge can protect you from a nuclear blast. Maybe, just maybe, this was George Lucas’ and Steven Spielberg’s way of creating a new buzz for the next Indiana Jones adventure, in which our hero gives us the last hurrah that we so desperately deserve…

Haha, just kidding. It was lost mail.

eBay seller Paul Charfauros makes prop replicas of the journal from the movie and ships them all over the world from his home in Guam. He recently sent out a journal to Italy, but it never arrived. He was informed via a letter from the USPS that the package had been re-directed. It somehow fell out of its outer envelope in Hawaii and when the USPS saw the address for the University of Chicago, they fixed the zip code and sent it on its merry way. Given that the stamps on the inner package were fake, I’m surprised it got all the way through the system. (Via Nerd Approved)

Well, this is some boring poop now, ain’t it? Just like the University of Chicago reps wrote on the school’s Tumblr, this is certainly the “Most plausible, least exciting” end to this fun adventure. Clearly, we should have known that this didn’t come from Lucas, the same guy who thought that Indiana Jones talking to ancient aliens through crystal skulls was something that we’d want to see.

Damn it, I’m just opening old emotional wounds here.

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