The Michael Bay Review Graph Seems To Show A Distinct Trend

Not that you really need a Ti-86 and a protractor to tell you that Michael Bay makes crappy movies, but as this infographic seems to suggest, could it be possible that he’s not just making crappy movies, but also making progressively crappier movies?? I guess that will happen when you’re constantly being pushed to make Transformers sequels, and you’re Michael Bay.

David Chen recently created this infograph, which uses the straightforward criteria of Michael Bay’s review scores from Metacritic and RottenTomatoes over time, and the results may shock you. Okay, probably not. But the graph seems to suggest a distinct trend, from the relative highs of ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘The Rock’ down to the last two Transformers movies, which managed to out-suck even ‘Pearl Harbor.’ What’s that trend line thing called in math, the line of pure shit?

Another thing to note is that Bay only has two films ever that got above 50% on RottenTomatoes, and one of them was the first ‘Transformers.’ That’s right, one out of every two people who reviews films for a living recommended ‘Transformers’ as something that people should see. Tell me about how critics never appreciate a mindless action film again? It’s not that critics don’t understand him, Michael Bay’s not even getting passing grades when we’re grading him on a curve against the special ed kids.