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(“Hey, Brah, I’m da new Conan. Your sista’s pretty hot for a haole, by da way.”)

It’s hard to keep track of these things, but I believe it was LatinoReview who first broke the news that the part of Conan in the Conan the Barbarian remake will be played by (*drumroll*)… Jason Momoa (*whoopie cushion*).  It will be directed by Marcus Nispel, the guy who previously directed Pathfinder and looks like a douchey hippie.  Hopefully he’ll bring to this project all the wisdom of the Orient.

With less than eight weeks to go before production starts, Momoa starts training rigorously for the part on Monday. Momoa has starred in Stargate Atlantis, Baywatch Hawaii, and a couple of episodes of CW’s The Game.

    Wow, what a resume.  I hear the next two bullet points are “Blows dudes for money” and “Proficient in Microsoft Word.”

    LatinoReview also reports that Mickey Rourke has been offered the part of Conan’s dad.  Which I think goes without saying would be an awesome career move. Way to earn that Oscar nomination, Mick.

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