The Nicolas Cage Awards and Your Morning Links

Here’s “the Nic Cage Awards,” from College Humor. What I got from this? Nic Cage wears a lot of wifebeaters. [College Humor via Clip Nation]

Steven Seagal tries out his southern accent in ‘Maximum Conviction’ |Film Drunk|

The Hour of Power Hour starring featuring Vince. Get yer tickets. |Events|

Uh, guys… they’ve got a tank. [via Humor Train]

This Photo Of Aziz Ansari And His Parents With Kanye West Wins Everything |UPROXX|

Extended Footage Of Addy, The Delightful Driving Test Stoner |Warming Glow|

This Looks Fun: Zamboni Waterskiing |With Leather|

Surprisingly, Red Isn’t The Most Dangerous Color You Can Wear Aboard The Starship Enterprise |Gamma Squad|

Bonnaroo Announces 2013 Lineup, Booked Everything Except the Kitchen Sink |Smoking Section|

GRUDEN TALK: Jon Gruden Discusses the Russian Meteor With Neil DeGrasse Tyson
|Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Girls with darker skin but lighter eyes sear a hole right through my heart |theChive|

Billy Bob Thornton Will Bang You On Your Period, This Is Information You Have Now |The Superficial|

9 Established Movie Directors Who Also Worked on TV |Mental Floss|

Should They Reboot ‘Die Hard?’ ||

Toy Story 4 Teaser Poster Leaked! |College Humor|

Are You All Ready For The Zach Attack? |Videogum|

7 Actors TV Would Like You To Forget Are Actually Really Good Looking |Pajiba|

The 9 Worst Oscar Speeches Ever |NextMovie|

Five of the Biggest Video Game Regrets |Unreality|

The Last Harlem Shake |Holy Taco|

You Have to See Andrew Bynum’s Hair |Brobible|

The 7 Greatest War Movie Ensembles |Screen Junkies|

The “Football: The Meal” Looks Pretty Good… |High Definite|

‘Spring Breakers’ Had A Paris Premiere |IDLYITW|

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