The Teaser Trailer For ‘The Hateful Eight’ Hits The Internet Early

Turns out you don’t have to purchase a ticket to see Sin City 2 in order to check out the trailer to Tarantino’s upcoming blood orgy The Hateful Eight after all! As it turns out, somebody else did it for us and decided to film a ghetto bootleg of the teaser with his/her camera phone. Keep in mind, this movie hasn’t even started production yet so the trailer is really more of a moving infographic of all character’s names and nick names (my personal favorite being Joe Gage “The Cow Puncher”).

Even though I haven’t read the infamous leaked script that has been making the rounds on the internet, and have no idea what this film is actually about (probably vengeance, if I had to guess) I am nevertheless super fu*king pumped to see this movie. I actually prefer to not read the script or any synopsis until the first official trailer is released. But since I know you Tarantino fiends need your plot fix, here is a synopsis from the Screencrush post about this trailer that I will blindly copy and paste without reading:

After almost ditching the project after the script leaked online, Tarantino has again committed to the project, reportedly bringing most of the actors from the staged live-read with him, including Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins and more.

If you never got a chance to read the leaked script, the ‘Hateful Eight’ plot is as follows:

“A bounty hunter and his prisoner traveling by stagecoach to a town called Red Rock get stuck in a blizzard and meet other travelers along the way that need a lift. Sidetracked by the blizzard, they stop at a nearby haberdashery to take shelter until the storm passes. While holed up in this haberdashery waiting out the blizzard, coincidences stop looking like coincidences, enemies become allies, secrets escape, and lots of living things get dead.”

‘The Hateful Eight’ is set to open in theaters next year.

Fu*k, curiosity got the better of me and I read it. Oh well, I still don’t really know what this movie is about. Guess I’m just gonna have to wait until they start actually filming this thing. Until then, I’m gonna keep re-watching this teaser until it gets taken off of YouTube.