The Top 10 Movies of the Year! …According to Redbox.

Redbox is the go-to movie rental method of people who don’t have Netflix or Apple TV or a robot sex slave who projects first-run titles from her vagina, so it’s a nice glimpse into the tastes of people who aren’t as “with it” as you. Redbox just released their top 10 rentals of 2013, and it turns out, Melissa McCarthy is America’s Sweetheart. ‘Murka‘s too.

1. Identity Thief

2. The Heat

3. World War Z

4. Flight

5. Olympus Has Fallen

6. Django Unchained

7. Grown Ups 2

8.  White House Down

9. Here Comes the Boom

10. Now You See Me

Compared to a list of bestsellers with a bunch of 50 Shades of Grey Books on it or Duck Dynasty beating Breaking Bad in cable ratings, this list doesn’t make me feel like that much of an alien visitor to this planet. I mean, there were only two Happy Madison titles and a movie about magician bank robbers on the list, and they both got beaten by a Tarantino movie. Slap an Obama sticker on your Truck Nutz™, maybe we can get along after all.

Other noteworthy milestones: Olympus Has Fallen was the fastest movie to surpass one million rentals, in just three days; Now You See Me stayed in the daily top 10 longer than any other title, at 63 days; World War Z was the top-renting Blu-ray Disc®; and The Imposter was the top-renting documentary. The most streamed title on Redbox Instant™ by Verizon was Marvel’s The Avengers.**’ [press release]

The Now You See Me popularity still blows my mind. Did I mention that movie made $351 million worldwide? I guess it just goes to show: America loves Jesse Eisenberg.