Theater patrons demand refund after learning The Artist was silent

When I brought up The Artist to Ben, the Frotcast’s resident Transformers fan, he just stared at me in disbelief. “What do you mean, ‘silent?’ Like people’s lips move and no words come out and they just have those cards to explain what people said?” That’s correct. It sounded like the most ridiculous idea he’d ever heard, which is why it’s not that surprising that people who didn’t know going in have been demanding refunds. Or at least, such is the case in Liverpool.

Film-fan Nicola Shearer, 25, attended a screening at Odeon Liverpool One after a wave of complaints. She was asked by cinema staff if she knew “it is a silent film”.
English graduate Nicola, from Liverpool, said: “Of course I knew it was and I asked the usher why she wanted to know.
“She then told me some people complained and asked for refunds because there is no sound and the screen is smaller.
“I thought it was really funny and laughed.”

A spokesperson first said: “We can confirm that there have been no complaints/refunds regarding The Artist screenings.”
But after being confronted with statements from amazed cinemagoers Odeon admitted refunds had been given to some of their guests.
The spokesman said: “Odeon Liverpool One can confirm it has issued a small number of refunds to guests who were unaware that The Artist was a silent film.
“The cinema is happy to offer guests a refund on their film choice is they raise concern with a member of staff within 10 minutes of the film starting.” [Telegraph]

Oy din come down off me chimney sweep n’pack up da missus n pay firty quid ta see some fiwm wheah da blokes ain got da decency ta speak da queen’s, Oy ‘asn’!

Again, it’s not that surprising. If you haven’t seen the movie, it sounds like the most obnoxious, fussy, pretentious gimmick, and even though the movie actually turns out to be pretty cute, if a woman can sue over Drive not being enough like Fast and Furious, you have to expect complaints over a silent film where no one even gets their skull crushed. People just like to complain, really. I’m still demanding my refund for The Iron Lady. I saw it for free, but I still feel like someone owes me.