This crow likes to snowboard, and morning links



Here’s a crow that surfs down a roof, then brings his board back up to the top of the roof and DOES IT AGAIN! Yep, he’s snowboarding on purpose. I’m not sure if this is awesome or terrifying. Today, surfing. Tomorrow, pecking out the eyes of your enemies. |egoTVonline|

Broken Promises: 12 Potential Collab Albums That Never Released |Smoking Section|

Lana Del Rey Was Impossibly Awful On SNL Last Night. (Seriously, she sounded like Jim Carrey doing Vera DeMilo. |UPROXX|

Armond White gets asked about FilmDrunk, calls us “Hoberman moles.” |Film Drunk|

The Brutal Critical Response to ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’ Is Funnier than the Show |Warming Glow|

Man Arrested For Filming Volleyball Slumber Party, Was Not Wearing With Leather Shirt |With Leather|

17 Recent Pokemon That Prove the Series’ Creators Are Almost Burnt Out |Gamma Squad|

Drinking 3 Beers With No Hands In 37 Seconds |Buzzfeed|

Adult Swim Celeb-Nerdy Interview: Dave Attell Keeps an Eternal Flame for Game Shows |Adult Swim|

Poorly-tattooed Asian Myspace Dwarf-slut Tila Tequila is converting to Judiasm. Oy vey |FARK|

Sinead O’Connor blames the media. |TheSuperficial|

This week in gif! |Videogum|

Nicole Sparks gets about as close to naked as one could get. |GorillaMask|

10 days in an 1880s mental institution. |MentalFloss|

And now, the happiest dog in the world. |TheDailyWhat|

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Angel Island’ Seems Like a Nice Place to Spend the Winter |Brobible|

25 things Lana Del Rey sounds like. Again, I submit Vera Demilo. |HolyTaco|

Marky Mark’s seven most mediocre action films. |ScreenJunkies|

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