This Week In YESSSSSSSSSSS: The BBC's 'Luther' Is Getting A Prequel Movie

Among the many, many recommendations that people have made for me when it comes to Netflix viewing, Luther is far and away the best one. If you haven’t yet watched the first two series of the hit BBC show, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch them, because they’re pretty F-ing great. That is, unless you’re performing surgery. Don’t stop doing that. Finish that, and then go watch Luther.

Anyway, Luther’s star, Idris Elba, had previously said that he wanted the show to eventually spin off into a movie franchise, and it appears that he is getting his wish. The show’s creator, Neil Cross, claims that a screenplay for the Luther movie is complete, and all of the pieces are falling into place.

Elba is on board to play John Luther, as are Warren Brown, Indira Varma and Steve Mackintosh. Cross said he went with a prequel, rather than a follow-up to the series, so he could bring back popular supporting characters — including some who let’s say maybe don’t fare so well in the final season. Ruth Wilson’s Alice Morgan character, who doesn’t fit in, chronologically, with the prequel plans, is being mulled as a spinoff series, Cross told Variety last year. (Via Deadline)

You can count me among the many people who would love to see Elba play the next James Bond, but if that’s a lost dream because of a Luther movie franchise, then so be it. But you’re hopefully not even reading this far because you’re already on Netflix, watching Luther for the first or ninth time.