Tila Tequila Might Have A New Sex Tape That Nobody Wants To Watch

That banner image from a “celebrity” boxing event in 2011 is a reminder that despite all of her seemingly-insane ramblings about Hitler, the hollow moon and Paul Walker’s death conspiracy, Tila Tequila is just a girl standing in front of pop culture, asking it to give her money. Her latest attempt at remaining relevant appears to be one of the oldest tricks in the book, as TMZ is reporting that the Lady Tequila has a new sex tape that will be making the rounds very soon.

And just like any good sordid tale of passion and lust, this one involves a guy and is described as very hardcore.

TMZ has learned Vivid Entertainment obtained footage of Tila recently banging on camera … and they plan to release the video just in time for Christmas. Stocking stuffers, anyone?

We saw the footage — calling it “hardcore” is an understatement … especially compared to her last tape, which was an all-girl affair.

Tila isn’t saying if she signed off on the tape — but since it’s being released to the public … you do the math. (Via TMZ)

That math? 1 + 1 = a girl who will have sex on camera just so people will keep talking about her. But if you’re actually interested in this sex tape, I have a clip right here…

(Banner via Getty)