Today’s Top Story: Macauley Culkin is skinny

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02.09.12 31 Comments

"Sweep ya chimney, Mistah Scrooge?"

Entertainment Tonight broke the above photo (Credit: INF) of Mila Kunis’s ex-boyfriend Macauley Culkin in New York today with all the fanfare that the giant EXCLUSIVE watermark would suggest, igniting nothing short of a MEDIA FIRESTORM! “Macauley Culkin” quickly became a top trend on Twitter, with all manner of publications weighing in on his SHOCKING appearance, including my favorite, International Business Times, who wrote “Actor looks extremely thin, old.”

It’s hard not to look old (he’s 31) when the public knows you as an 8-year-old, but for the record, his “rep” says he’s in perfect health, and I’ve never known publicists to lie about such things.

Culkin is rumored to be starring in the British film Service Man — described as an uplifting military action flick — set for release in 2013. [ET]

Obviously, what’s happening here is that Haley Joel Osment is gradually assuming body mass directly at the expense of Macauley Culkin in some Thinner-like child actor curse, that will eventually turn Culkin into an Olsen twin and Osment into David Crosby. Culkin already has that hobo-chic look pioneered by the Olsens down pat. It’s easy to imagine them sharing a tin of beans over a trash-can fire, though the beans will be made of some type of expensive caviar that you probably you haven’t heard of.

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