TorrentFreak’s Top 10 Most-Downloaded Movies of All Time

TorrentFreak recently released their list of the top-ten most downloaded movies of all time:

The list below is based on statistics is gathered from public BitTorrent trackers, dating back to early 2006. As BitTorrent’s usage was only a fraction of what it is today in the years before, we expect the list below to cover all the most downloaded movies on BitTorrent.

rank movie downloads worldwide grosses
1 Avatar (2009) 21 million $2,782,275,172
2 The Dark Knight (2008) 19 million $1,001,921,825
3 Transformers (2007) 19 million $709,709,780
4 Inception (2010) 18 million $825,408,570
5 The Hangover (2009) 17 million $467,483,912
6 Star Trek (2008) 16 million $385,680,446
7 Kick-Ass (2010) 15 million $96,188,903
8 The Departed (2006) 14 million 289,847,354
9 The Incredible Hulk (2008) 14 million $263,427,551
10 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) 14 million $963,420,425

Interesting, but not the most surprising list. All of them big-budget blockbusters that did well in theaters, except for poor Kick-Ass, which suffers the indignity of being the seventh most-pirated movie of all time despite getting beat out by Date Night in its second week in theaters. Also, probably my favorite movie on this list (I like pre-pubescent girls in wigs, sue me).

All in all, you can tell this list skews towards the tastes of the tech-savvy, 18-40 year old dudes computer-literate enough to know how to torrent. It’s an interesting comparison with Netflix’s all-time most rented, which, as of last year, were led by Crash (the crappy, white-guilt one, not the awesome Cronenberg movie where James Spader screws a chick’s leg scar). Crash has since been dropped down to number two, by… wait for it… The Blind Side. Oh, Sandra Bullock, is there anything you can’t teach black people to do? White folks sure are generous. You can see that list after the jump.

10. No Country for Old Men
9. Iron Man
8. Inception
7. Sherlock Holmes
6. The Departed
5. The Hurt Locker
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3. The Bucket List
2. Crash
1. The Blind Side [THR]

Ha, The Bucket List.