TRAILER: Dax Shepard directed a movie, Brad Cooper has dreads in it

For reasons I can’t quite explain, I’ve always sort of liked Dax Shepard. Maybe it’s because his name is Aussie slang for underwear, I don’t know, don’t judge me. Anyway, after the jump, watch Shepard introduce the trailer for Hit and Run, which he wrote and co-directed with David Palmer, in which Shepard stars opposite Brad Cooper (with dreadlocks!) and Kristen Bell (Shepard’s real-life fianceé). Shepard plays a former getaway driver named “Charlie Bronson,” who jeopardizes his Witness Protection Program identity when he drives to LA to help his girlfriend land a dream job. At this point it’s hard to tell if it’s a parody of movies like Drive and Knight and Day or just a ripoff of movies like Drive and Knight and Day. You’d think if it was a parody, it’d be called Hit and Runn, and Dax Shepard would play Dylan Runn.

It looks like whoever cut the trailer’s guiding principle was “WHAT IF THERE WAS JUST WACKY SHIT HAPPENING EVERY SECOND??!”

  • Brad Cooper in dreads
  • Tom Arnold shooting a bowling ball out of his car
  • Old people in their underwear
  • Tom Arnold shooting his own car
  • Dax jumping a dune buggy
  • People bleeping their own cuss words with horns and gunshot sound effects

What, no record scratch or midgets slipping on banana peels? Anyway, it doesn’t necessarily look bad, I just have a hard time knowing what it’s supposed to be from this trailer. I like the idea of Brad Cooper in dreads though. It must be some kind of WASP-out-of-water comedy, where they give him Spaghettios and he doesn’t know which oyster fork to use.