Twihards: Still Crazy After All These Years

Chances are if you live in a major city, you’ve noticed small groups of young girls and desperate middle-aged women gathering near your local cineplex, and yes, your worst nightmares have come true – another Twilight movie is upon us. Twihards have been lining up at theaters as early as this past weekend so they wouldn’t miss the Thursday debut of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. That’s right, it’s a vampire love story so true that they broke it in two.

Last night, the saga’s stars showed up at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles for the film’s premiere, and the fans were in full force there as well. In fact, here’s a sampling of actual quotes from the women – and men – of all ages who traveled from all over the country to wave insane-looking signs in the air at last night’s event:

“Rob turn this way, I’m throwing kisses at you.”

“I am literally going to die when Kristen Stewart walks by here.”

“Put your camera on me. I want to show my parents I am not at school this week.”

And my favorite:

“Oh my God, there is Robert Pattinson. Oh wait. Nope it is not him. It’s only Cody Simpson.”

But words can do no justice to the Twihardery that went down last night in L.A., so after the jump I’ve got the stars, the celebrity guests (including the Ghosts of Teen Stardom Past) and the fans. Oh my Lord, wait til you see the fans.

(Images via the AP and Getty.)

She’s OK.

What’s that? She’s not the star? Don’t care.

I’d love to see how those fan pictures turn out since not a single camera is pointed in the right direction.

“This is going to look great on my… daughter’s Facebook wall.”

The only thing whiter is an episode of “Friends.”

Please note the fitted hat autographed by the cast members in the top right.

Quick, sign that Greek Danish flag!

I hope he wore galoshes.

“I will not be ignored, Robert.”

“My cat is never going to believe this!”


Moments before chubby Alison Brie smothered him.

Reaching for his rape whistle.

Vince’s favorite Mario-Lopez-in-waiting.

Um… did she bring her kids or something?

Quick, someone get Taylor Lautner another rape whistle!

“OH MY GOD, BLOSSOM IS HERE!” – No one since 1992