Meet the woman with her dead Twilight cat tattooed on her back

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: there’s a woman in Wales with her dead cats tattooed on her back. The cats’ names are Tinky, Woody, Mr Brush, Mr Spock and Bella. While we don’t know with 100 percent certainty that Bella the cat is named after Bella the abstinent vampire lover from Twilight, I’m going to go out on a limb and file this one under “ladies who name their cats after Twilight characters do the darnedest things.” It’s a nice follow-up to the one who had to fight off Renesmee the cat with her husband’s c-pap machine.

Trust me: You’re going to want to see this tattoo.

Fran Bailey, 23, had the puss pictures permanently inked on her skin so can always remember them. Fran said: “I love my cats and I love my tattoo. A lot of people who have lost pets can relate to it.”
Fran took in the cats from animal shelters and cared for her poorly cats at her home in Newtown, in Powys, Mid Wales.
She said: “When I went to the rescue centre I asked for the most ill and unloved cats they had so that they would have somewhere to go.
“That meant the ones I had were ones with feline AIDS so they all died. On average I lost one every two months.”

Well yeah, if you’re adopting AIDS cats, you’re going to need at least six to last you the whole year, everyone knows that. Okay, enough foreplay, let’s see this tattoo with the incredible backstory:

She decided to get a tattoo tribute to the tragic felines – starting off with a set of small paw prints. But the design grew, incorporating “elements of each one’s personalities,” until it finally covered her whole back.

For instance, Tinky is considered is the chef of the group (much like Raekwon in Wu Tang), hence the chef’s hat, whereas Bella could be kind of ditzy, which is why she has a dunce cap over one ear. I’m just interpreting here. All I know is, a woman has a tattoo of her dead AIDS cats on her back, and one is wearing a monocle and another has spaghetti on its head inside a giant tiara made of seahorses. Crying. I’m crying tears of joy right now. Life is just so beautiful sometimes.

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