Uganda’s first action movie, ‘Who Killed Captain Alex?’

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07.28.10 33 Comments

The trailer for Who Killed Captain Alex, described as “Uganda’s first action film”, has hit the web.  As you might imagine, the sh*t is bananas.  Or more accurately, CHICKEN MADNESS!   Hungry for some background on this project?  Let’s go to this charmingly mistranslated article from Uganda’s The Observer, as directed to us by Geekosystem:

“When we approached CPS [Uganda’s Central Police Station] about the project, we were told that we [film industry] are not yet at that level. They could only provide us with police uniforms,” he says. “But we had asked them to provide us with helicopters, guns, tankers and access to army barracks. So we had to settle for the computer.”

It is understandably easy to acknowledge government’s safety and security concerns given that even trained personnel have had their own issues with guns. Moreover, production happened during the bloody September Buganda riots. Imagine the trouble Nabwama and company would be in, had they been issued with real guns!

Who killed Captain Alex stars Gpuffs, Kakule William, Kabanda and Richard Ssebunya – all new faces in the industry. Nabwama reasons that the established artists can’t act in action movies and have been “too around”.

Most scenes are shot from Natete mixed Academy, Wakaliga and Wakiso at a tune of about Shs 8 million [$3500]. Nabwama says a sequel is on the way and will feature ghetto president Bobi Wine.

Ghetto president Bobi Wine?  Awww sheeeeit, playa, you had us at “Gpuffs.”  From what I’ve seen so far, my favorite part is at the 27-second mark where helicopter crushes FOUR SKY SCRAPERS!  BY SITTING ON THEM!  That was so legit.  My early review?  I’m going to have to agree with the trailer announcer (who sounds suspiciously like Fred Figglehorn): AAAAAALALALA ACTION!  AAAAAALALALA ACTION!

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