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First Legally Blonde was a tongue-in-cheek movie, starring Reese Witheredpoon.  Then it was a broadway musical starring a blonde chick who, presumably, was legal (that's the story I'm told the cops, at least).  Now, the musical version is going to be a show on MTV. 

Following the same path as Hairspray, which began as a campy John Waters movie and mutated into a freakish drag queen version of John Travolta, Legally Blonde will now attempt to capitalize on the success of High School Musical.  Remakes of remakes, Jesus. Hasn't anyone seen Multiplicity

I love how the religious right, who complains all day about their kids getting recruited into the gay lifestyle, sanitizes everything with the slightest satirical edge to it and ends up with shows that are gayer than a chorus line of semen-chugging sailors.  

I can just imagine the kids who grow up on this crap coming up to hipsters at bars and being like, "Whoa, cool shirt, bro. Did you really surf Scandinavia?"  "Oh man, that's so rad – Montana really is a harsh mistress."  "Dude, that's awesome – I didn't even know that had an Oscar for keeping it real." 

More MTV awesomeness, after the jump. 

According the Wall Street Journal, MTV will soon be airing a show called Gamekillers, whose goal is… to sell Axe bodyspray.

Alert fans might connect the dots. The Axe brand name pops up a few times during certain scenes in the show. Posters put up at certain college campuses say: "An AXE Attractions production The Gamekillers."

The subtle connections between "Gamekillers" and Axe are the result of a carefully crafted compromise between MTV, which doesn't want people to think it's airing an extended deodorant commercial, and Unilever, which wants to peddle more product. It's a compromise being negotiated increasingly in the entertainment industry nowadays, as a growing number of marketers attempt to subtly promote their products by creating and backing entertainment programs.

Gist of the article: The future looks a lot like Entourage.  Also, MTV has officially Fred Dursted.   

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