Vanessa Hudgens waves her stripper crotch while Nic Cage barks at a dog

I had a hard time coming up with a headline for the trailer for The Frozen Ground, because it has a few notable highlights. Among them:

  • Vanessa Hudgens plays a stripper who writhes around on the ground waving her crotch at people. See? This is what happens when you make a teenage girl star in some wholesome family comedy for her entire childhood. See also: Elizabeth Berkley.
  • Nic Cage barks at a dog. At least, I think it’s Nic Cage. Anyway, at about the 46-second mark, there’s someone off-screen barking at a dog, and since Nic Cage is in the movie, I assumed it was Nic Cage. The big question is, was it actually part of the script, or did they just bring the dog out and Nic Cage couldn’t stop barking at it it so they left it in the movie? You decide.

Thanks to the soundtrack, I like to think of Vanessa Hudgens’ little dance number there is called “All Along the Crotchtower.”

Does John Cusack do movies that aren’t about serial killers anymore?

[via Movieweb]