Venom Might Be In 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 started filming in New York City earlier this week, director Marc “Charlotte’s” Webb has been treating his Twitter followers to one photo from the set each day. So far he’s Tweeted pictures of the set and green screen, crew members and one prop that featured the word “OSCORP”.

On Wednesday, though, Webb spiked the nerd punch with a Tweet that featured a very obvious reference, at least to serious Spidey fanatics. Basically, he told us that Venom will have something to do with the sequel without actually telling us that Venom will have something to do with it. So sneaky, that Marc Webb.


As points out:

… for Spider-Man fans locker 14 is the same one where Peter Parker and Eddie Brock discover the Venom suit in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Accompanying the image was the hashtag #happybirthday, which isn’t necessarily referencing said story arc from the comics, but instead may be an actual birthday wish sent out to none other than Dane Dehaan, who stars as Harry Osborn in the sequel and whose birthday was yesterday.

Basically, Dehaan’s birthday present is that he has probably been written in as the face of the eventual Venom franchise, which is fine because we’ll worry about that mess down the road. In the meantime, Webb might have told us one of three things about Spidey Deuce:

  1. Venom will indeed join Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as Rhino, thus once again cramming three f*cking villains into a Spider-Man film, as if we weren’t kicked in the balls hard enough by Spider-Man 3. And if he is including three villains, he can just go ahead and have Kirtsen Dunst sing, because f*ck us.
  2. Venom will just be teased as the villain for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which is cool but… BRO, let us see that for ourselves. Don’t be Tweeting the Easter eggs we might actually enjoy.
  3. Webb is just f*cking with us.

And I’m leaning toward No. 3 because he’s a dick if he’s spoiling something before we even had the chance to stop complaining about the first movie. Either way, at least two people are very VERY excited about this Tweet: