The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Finally Has A Trailer

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01.03.14 32 Comments

Veronica Mars

I don’t know the first thing about this Veronica Mars character that all the cool kids once went crazy over, but she’s back this year in feature film form, thanks to the generosity of the original TV show’s hardcore friends. A Kickstarter campaign raised more than $5 million to help make this big screen revival a reality, and now Veronica and the whole gang have returned for her biggest mystery yet. Kristen Bell stars as the titular private-investigator-turned-big-shot-attorney who is called back to her hometown after her ex is accused of murdering a pop star.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s also right at the very same time as her high school reunion, so Veronica can conveniently run into all of the people that she clashed with the first time around. Funny how high profile murders work out like that.

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