Bonus Frotcast: Matt And Vince Review ‘Vice,’ With Bobby Bigwheel

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The best way to spend the holidays is curled up next to a warm fire, sipping some hot cocoa and hanging out with your family. The way your Frotcast family spent it was talking about Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney biopic Vice. On this week’s bonus Frot, Matt and Vince are joined by twitter user/man who only gives out his real name to $10 patreon donors, Bobby Bigwheel.

We discuss everything about the movie Vice, from the needlessly cartoonish portrayal of George W Bush by Sam Rockwell, to the brilliant casting choice of Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld who – as Mr. Bigwheel points out – was the Michael Scott of the Bush administration.

Inexplicably, the one thing we don’t talk about is how good Christian Bale’s make up was. Honestly, I don’t know how we missed this talking point. It’s like the one thing everyone talks about and possibly the only reason I ever watch a biopic to completion and enjoy the experience. I spent all of that awful Tupac movie smiling and repeating to myself “he looks just like Tupac tho” and didn’t notice it was bad until it ended. Point is, we don’t discuss Christian Bale’s perfect make up, but we talk about other facets of the movie that are equally as important. Like how Adam McKay’s directing can sometimes be annoying. Anyway, please listen and enjoy. Oh I suppose before you listen I should say *Spoiler Alert* just in case you didn’t know that Bush did 9/11. Just kidding. [written by Matt]

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