Watching movies in India is very… interactive.

I’ve never been to India or watched a movie there, so I can’t tell you how representative this is of their usual movie-watching practices, but if it’s even close, Indians put the worst stereotypes about catching a picture at the Magic Johnson theater to shame. Shouting? Pfft. If you’re not throwing rose petals and confetti and trying to climb up the screen, why are you even there?

As to whether this is standard practice, again, I don’t know, but there were reports about the posters for Endhiran being showered with milk, and “some celebrated the release by bursting crackers, beating drums and showering the movie screen with flowers.” So yeah, I guess they like their movies over there. In related news, a friend of mine once saw Lars Ulrich at a sushi restaurant during the whole Napster thing and threw a California roll at him.

My favorite YouTube comment on this? “You should really put your camera away in the theater these people are trying to watch a movie.”

[via Reddit]